NFTs in Dvision Metaverse

Dvision presents diverse NFT use cases in its Metaverse
Dvision presents diverse use-cases with the utility of the NFT standards. Dvision has been established with the unified belief to address the issues that exist in the traditional gaming industry and hence strives to revolutionize the market. The connection of blockchain technology allows users to simply monetize their creations by using NFT standards on different blockchains, where the multichain feature allows the ultimate freedom over the user-owned digital assets.
Dvision presents the following NFT use-cases within its metaverse:
  • PET (On-Doll)
The newly introduced GamiFi and Play to Earn mechanism in Dvision Metaverse is correlated with the On-Dolls (PET). The PET system is an integral part of the "Play 2 Earn" concept that will be launched by the end of 2021 Q4. Users will have to acquire an On-Doll (PET) in order to engage in the battle mode to make the contribution to the LAND Purification process.
The PET can be purchased by the users in the NFT Marketplace by using DVI Tokens. Moreover, users will need to enhance and upgrade their PET in order to further increase their contribution level to the LAND Purification process in the "Play 2 Earn" Area. In the initial stage, Dvision will offer the Random Box in order to allow users to adopt their first batch of PETs. The Random Boxes work on a probability basis, and users can drop the PET with different grades along with its wearable & equipment for PET enhancement purposes.
  • LAND (Meta-Space)
The Meta-Space is the actual LAND that is presented inside of the Dvision Metaverse and is de facto the integral part of the Meta-City. The Meta-Space is the place where everyone can bring their virtual dreams into reality, by creating the content of their own preference without any viable limitations. The LAND is the digital piece of a virtual estate in Dvision Metaverse registered as NFT (ERC-721 or BEP-721). The LAND will exist within each Meta-City with a finite supply capped at 200,000 parcels due to the scarce nature of the digital pieces of the virtual estate.
The LAND can be used literally for any type of content, as it is presented as a ready-to-create platform. This portion of the virtual estate can be used in order to create a limitless amount of diverse pieces of content. Your content can be the next big thing in the Dvision Metaverse, and you will be able to claim profits in DVI tokens by setting the entrance fees to your Meta-Space. You can also rent out your LAND to the potential content creator to allow him to utilize your space or you can accommodate various advertising campaigns on your Meta-Space from third-party business providers.
There are supplementary benefits to be provided to the LAND owners, such as Daily Landbox bonuses and basic exterior building bonuses and voting powers to be engineered in each LAND's concept to provide more VPs to the DAO participants.
  • AVATAR (Character)
AVATAR is the ERC-1155 / ERC-721 unique character that assists users to excel among other participants in the metaverse. Users will have to create their AVATARs in order to gain the access to the metaverse.
  • ITEMs (Character Wearables / 3D Objects / PET Wearables and etc.)
All the other utility items, such as 3D Objects (furniture and ornaments to be used to customize the LAND), AVATAR Wearables (clothes, hats, runes, badges, and rides), PET Equipment & Weapons, and even exterior buildings are all categorized under the ITEMs section in the NFT Marketplace. The ITEM is the ERC-1155 digital asset that assists users along their journey in Dvision's Metaverse. Users that purchase an AVATAR will still need to purchase several other wearables in order to complete the customization process. The LAND owner will need 3D objects such as furniture and ornament in order to complete the content creation process. The PET will need to be enhanced by using high-grade equipment and weapons in order to boost the attributes and further have higher chances in the LAND Purification process.