Play 2 Earn: Explained

Join the Dvision and make sure to receive some rewards for your contribution!
Dvision presents the opportunity for the users to participate in one of the most rewarding, sustainable, and full of fun, Play to Earn models, where users can both have the best opportunity to gain rewards by participating in the LAND Purification processes and have the deep dive into the plausible UI enabled in the Dvision Metaverse.
Dvision Network is set to initiate its Play to Earn model attaching it to the LAND Purification Process. The LAND Purification refers to the battle mode, where users will need to utilize their PET to combat the virus-infected monsters to make the contribution to the virus termination process in the occupied LAND in the Meta-City.
The first released Meta Cities will introduce the new Play to Earn arena, with 40% of the LANDs to be occupied by the monsters that will require the users to actively engage in the combat mode to purify the LAND from them. Once the LAND is purified from the monsters, the LAND will automatically get placed in the auction in the NFT Marketplace. The last bid price will decide how much will the user be able to receive in DVI rewards.
For instance, the LAND gets the last bid offer for 1000 DVI and the user has actively been involved in the LAND purification process, hence the user managed to make up to 5% of the total contribution (calculated and stored in DB automatically). Once the LAND is sold and the auction is over, the user will receive 50 DVI tokens for his contributions.
In Dvision Metaverse, each Meta-City is classified into three big defined territories (LAND Sale / Management-Owned / Infected Areas). The infected area, which is fully occupied by the monsters, is allocated 40% of the total available LANDs in order to empower the early Play 2 Earn concept in Dvision Metaverse. By presenting roughly 40% of the LAND allocation from each Meta-City, Dvision presents the sustainable opportunity for the users to engage in the Play to Earn area within the most plausible metaverse with cutting-edge UI and UX.

The LAND Purification process

○ The 1x1 parcel LAND gets purified → the occupation status changes → the auction automatically proceeds in the NFT Market.
○ The LAND Purification process counts the termination of the bucket number of monsters (e.g., 1,000). Here, the number of monsters killed by A user is 10 (contribution: 1%). The LAND with 1 x 1 parcel receives the last bid price of 1,000 DVI. The user A receives compensation 10 DVI Tokens.