$DVI Token Use-Cases

Platform-wise usage description of the $DVI tokens

Where to use the DVI Tokens?

Dvision highly prioritizes the importance of strong and sustainable tokenomics, and since its early initiation, it has consistently been involved in developing the robust in-game economy to allow the users to have the best and rewarding metaverse experience. Therefore, DVI, a utility & governance token in the Dvision Metaverse, has been integrated with plentiful use-cases in order to power the entire gaming ecosystem. This is how the DVI token use-cases are separated across its platform pillars:

1. Meta-City

When the user first creates his AVATAR and accesses the Dvision Metaverse, he or she will automatically be spawned in the Dvision World, which operates as the main lobby. The Dvision World connects all the Meta-Cities, that will exist in the metaverse, with up to 20 cities to be introduced along the road in a linear manner. The user will have to navigate its character to the portal side that will teleport him to the Meta-City of his selection. Once in the Meta-City, the user will be able to interact with all the created and offered pieces of content that are interconnected with all the Meta-Spaces introduced in this big city. The user will need to pay in DVI tokens to access any of the Meta-Spaces presented in the Meta-City.
Apart from the content access, DVI Tokens will be used as a medium of exchange between the content creators and business owners. The business owners that will want to conduct their advertising campaigns in the most attractive piece of LAND in the metaverse, will need to pay the LAND owner in DVI tokens to initiate his campaign.
Lastly, the Meta-Space concept assumes the customization of both interior and exterior sides of the LAND. In order to customize the exterior side of the LAND, the users will have to purchase the building from the NFT Marketplace, by incurring the payment in DVI Tokens.

2. NFT Marketplace

As mentioned before, DVI Token is the main utility payment unit, that is highly important to access the NFT Marketplace. Users here can purchase the LAND in order to secure their own Meta-Space and further introduce their content within the Meta-City. All the listed LANDs will be purchased by utilizing DVI tokens, regardless its listed as an auction item or offered at a fixed price.
Users will need to create their personal character in order to access the Dvision Metaverse and further customize it with the available wearable items and attributes listed in the NFT Marketplace. The AVATAR creation process will require DVI tokens along with their secondary sale in the marketplace and the purchase of their attributes and clothes.
Dvision Boy - First avatar sold in OpenSea (Dvision's Mascot)
Also in order to engage in the Play to Earn arcade mode, users will need to purchase PET, by using the DVI tokens. In the initial phase, Random Boxes will be offered to the users in order to purchase them and drop from the boxes random-graded PETs with their equipment and weapons to enhance their attributes.
Last but not least, DVI tokens are utilized in the NFT Marketplace to purchase other ITEMs, which include but are not limited to the character wearables, runes, 3D objects such as furniture, ornaments and other in-game ITEMs.

3. Meta-Space [LAND]

After the user completes the purchase of his Meta-Space in the LAND Sale, he or she will need to further engage in the customization process, which is known as the LAND customization process, where different 3D objects will be utilized and applied to the LAND terrain through the 3D editing tool, which is pretty straightforward and common to comprehend. Only the preliminarily pre-purchased ITEMs will be available in the user inventory. Hence, users will first need to make the purchases in the NFT Marketplace to further enable, the necessary for usage, materials, and items in their inventory.
Going further, if the user is going to run the commerce or enable the payment option within its Meta-Space, it can be preliminarily be enabled through the settings and the purchase links can be attached to the 3D Objects. Here, the users that will visit the Meta-Space of the creator will be able to purchase the offered goods & services by paying in DVI Tokens.

4. DAO

Dvision Network’s development has been highly dependent on the team due to the nature of the complexity of the project, which involves a highly centralized approach. The Dvision Network will soon introduce a DAO mechanism for decentralized policy-making practices. Here, The VP (Voting Power) of the users will be introduced to allow the DVI holders to stake their tokens to collect the VPs to participate in the major voting proposals. The early UI and the details regarding the first phase of the DAO will be shared later.

5. Play to Earn

Dvision Network is set to initiate its Play to Earn model attaching it to the LAND Purification Process. The first released Meta Cities will introduce the new Play to Earn arena, with 40% of the LANDs to be occupied by the monsters that will require the users to actively engage in the combat mode to purify the lands from them.
For the user to participate in the P2E, the PET is the integral access element and his further customization, which means its further upgrade and enhancement is key to having higher chances to make a larger contribution to the purification process. Also, there’s high importance to increase the grade of the PET, which is made through the combination feature that uses the in-game reward currency DVG (explained in the Play 2 Earn section).