DVG [Dvision Gold]

Notice: DVG is the new concept proposed by the Dvision Team in order to enhance the attractiveness of the user rewards to be obtainable inside of the metaverse. DVG is neither a TOKEN nor COIN! DVG is a virtual reward currency necessary to enhance and upgrade your PET.

DVG (Dvision Gold) - is a virtual reward currency, which is purported to serve as an in-game reward token used in Dvision's newly presented Play to Earn concept. In fact, DVG is an important resource for players to increase their chances of making higher contributions in the LAND Purification process, since the PET system highly depends on the DVG currency in order to upgrade the level of the PET and increase its attributes. There are several ways to acquire the DVG currency in the Dvision World, including the random drop from the monsters and from engaging in the PVP modes.

Generally, each Meta-City is divided into two areas, the first area being occupied by real businesses such as fairs, shopping malls, and galleries, and other user-created pieces of content. The second area is occupied by virus-infected monsters, where users have to engage in battles to conquer the infected LANDs and purify them. There is a way to transform the monster-occupied area into a user-owned area and further use it as a real business terrain.

To kill monsters in unoccupied areas, the PET system is introduced, where users will have to acquire the PET to engage in battles with the monsters. The PET's combat power reflected in the battle has a balance of 50% attributed to the PET original stats, 30% on PET equipment, and 20% on the character’s wearables (The balance rates can be adjusted and can be partially modified through DAO in future, if imbalance created). DVG token will be required to upgrade, strengthen, and maintain the PET’s stats and upgrade the character wearables.

Dvision introduces a separate leveling system as provided in the MMORPG games, and areas that can be occupied are divided according to the level of PET, reinforcement, and character wearable capabilities. A total of 20 Meta-Cities are sequentially going to be released, and 40% can be occupied by users by killing the monsters. Monsters in stronger unoccupied areas pay higher rewards in DVG reward currency.

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