Token Economics
DVI is the primary utility & governance tokens that powers Dvision Metaverse!

Dvision Token - $DVI

Dvision Token(DVI) is the utility & governance token based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain mainnet, that is used inside of the Dvision Metaverse. DVI holders can receive several benefits, such as rewards by staking DVI, playing games, and participating in major governance voting initiatives. Users can experience various pieces of content, such as gaming, conferences, galleries, shopping malls, and other traditional business-oriented aspects within Division Metaverse. Users can also leverage the LAND in order to develop and release their own user-created content to provide access to other players by receiving $DVI.
DVI Token is the essential access to the utility feature in several aspects, with the upcoming launch of all the platform features, including Meta-Space, NFT Market, and Meta-City. Accordingly, DVI token has several more utility features that are strongly linked to the NFT Use-Cases, that are aimed to sustain its long-term value. DAO Pool (Treasury Pool) will be operated for the first time in 2022 by DVI token holders. DAO Pool accumulates some of the revenue and staking rewards generated by Dvision Metaverse and NFT Marketplace. DAO Pool will be managed by DVI holders that stake their tokens after the network is sufficiently decentralized. Hence DVI tokens are utilized in the following cases:
  • Payment
The first and primary utility case of DVI is correlated with its marketplace, where users can buy/sell LAND (ERC-721 and BEP-721 based virtual estate), AVATAR (ERC-1155-based unique characters), ITEM (ERC-1155-based unique in-game items or attributes for the characters). All the marketplace-related purchases can be made here "". Other payment utility features are further elaborated under the "$DVI Token Use-Cases" section.
  • Governance
The Dvision Network will operate a DAO mechanism for decentralized policy-making practices to further decentralize the Dvision Metaverse and reduce the involvement of the core team in its future. Here, DVI Tokens will be staked into the DAO in order to receive the VP (Voting Power) and participate in major voting proposals.
  • Staking
From early 2022, DVI Holders will be able to engage in staking of their DVI tokens to earn rewards from DAO Pool, that accumulates the fees collected from the sales in NFT Marketplace and inside of the Metaverse, and further participate in Governance. The compensation rate will be set high enough to encourage the influx and growth of the user-base and will be fixed to gradually decrease as the Dvision Network enlarges and with the increase of the number of people staking their DVI tokens.
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