Voting Topics

What are the governance proposal votes can be conducted?
The DAO mechanism will allow all users, that hold VP to submit suggestions for the following categories:
  • User Ban
  • Grant Request
  • Token Economy
  • Other project-related suggestions
  • Tournament / Battle Schedule & Prize suggestions
  • Quest, Monster Setting suggestions
  • PET system essential changes request
The DAO will be presented with a smooth and favorable UI and UX, with the APIs attached to the website in order to provide seamless access to the governance system for users. Users that hold VPs can use their VPs in order to vote on the proposals submitted to the governance system either to accept or reject the proposed change. For instance, if 30% of all the distributed VPs across the ecosystem participate in the proposal with a 50% acceptance rate, the change will be reflected in the Dvision Network. The suggested proposals, in the initial beta DAO version, will manually be reflected by the Dvision Network team. Subsequently, the reflection of the proposals will be automated through the utilization of the Dvision Smart Contracts.