DVI Allocation

DVI token metrics
1) Development (25%): 15% used for the DAO Pool (The DAO Pool will source up to 25% from the total of 42% of the Ecosystem and Development Allocation Tokens)
10% are used and to be used for the completion of the development plans to build up the P2E arena in Metaverse / To integrate Unreal technology for better interoperability / Add more scalable smart contracts / DAO mechanism building and etc. 2) Ecosystem (17%): 10% used for the DAO Pool (The DAO Pool will source up to 25% from the total of 42% of the Ecosystem and Development Allocation Tokens)
7% used for the ecosystem development plans, such as business development initiatives, partnership establishments, engineering new DVI use-cases, providing the early bonuses to the users 3) Reserve (10%): Originally, the Reserve Tokens were allocated specifically for the emergency situations. If the development & marketing plans are not met accordingly, the reserve tokens shall have been used for the emergency cases to compensate for the financial resource needs. In case the Reserve Tokens do not find to be necessary for the usage, they will be used for the DAO Pool to incentivize users. Also, provided the nature of the operating location of the Dvision Network, which is South Korea, the team has specifically allocated the reserve tokens, in case the regulatory initiatives will oblige the corporate to pay the unforeseen taxes. 4) Sale (20%): -Private & Seed (18.4%) - 184,000,000 total with 106,403,710.00 remaining at the Coinbase Custody at the moment. The remaining amount is purported for the future series A funding round and to allocate for future strategic partners. -Public (16,000,000) - 1.6% (3,000,000 has been used in order to conduct the first DEX listing for the liquidity purposes). The possibility of the additional Public Sales was taken into account and 13,000,000 were preserved for that purpose. 5) Marketing (15%): 15% of the DVIs are allocated to general and strategic marketing activities, which include airdrops, PR activities, various advertising activities, and marketing operating expenses conducted by the Dvision Team. After the product is launched, marketing tokens will be assigned to each expanded countries (affiliate gaming studios) and used according to the plan. 6) Team (10%): 10% of the DVIs were allocated for the founders and early team members. The vesting of the team tokens is scheduled to occur from November 27th, 2021, and it will be linearly vested on a monthly basis till August 27, 2022 (10 months vesting). 7) Advisors (3%): The 22,500,000 DVI tokens are purported to allocate for the technical consultant teams when conducting the specific R&D for future development of the metaverse, likewise, it can further be allocated for the advisors that might join in the future.