DVG Usage

The main use-cases for the DVG reward currency
*Notice: DVG cannot be consumed separately neither can be transferred externally. It is an in-game reward currency to be utilized for the content provided within the Dvision World.
Exception: It is available when the user who owns the LAND sets DVG as a payment method for the real business.
The ways to consume DVG are as follows:
  • Studio Production
  • Rating Upgrade
  • Payment for the Reinforcement fees in Dvision World (the higher the rating and reinforcement, the higher the fee. The fee structure can be changed and adjusted through DAO)
  • Consumption through PvE.
  • Buy PET repair kit (stamina) and D potion (mana) potion
  • Consumption through PvP.
  • Tournament participation fee.
  • 1:1 match prize money.
  • PET upgrade and enhancement unit
More use-cases to be presented after the Dvision World is launched.