DAO[Decentralized Autonomus Organization]

The future decentralization of the Dvision Metaverse through the DAO!
Dvision Network’s development has been highly dependent on the team due to the nature of the project, which involves a highly centralized approach. The Dvision Network will soon introduce a DAO mechanism for decentralized policy-making practices. The governance mechanism will rely on the Voting Power that will be counted when the major voting proposals are conducted. The VP (Voting Power) of the users will be classified by staking the DVI token. The users can obtain Voting Power (VP) by staking their DVI tokens in the DAO, and taking part in the most essential governance voting initiates.
The enablement of the DAO will be carried gradually in several phases:
1. First Phase (Early Access)
In the first phase, the DAO page will be released with the early UI of the DAO mechanism. The staking feature will be enabled through the separate dashboard to provide the VP to the users. The first phase will only allow the votings on the topics, such as Cost & Fee Reduction / DAO Pool features and other minor features related to the metaverse.
2. Second Phase (Upgraded Version)
The UI / UX will be upgraded with the staking feature to be enhanced in terms of its functionality. The NFT assets will be included in the counting process of VPs. The VP will be used on the following voting proposals: Marketplace Fees, Development Fee coverage and etc.
3. Third Phase (Final Version)
DVI holders will be able to alter the governance framework and allocate new items to vote on manually. The LAND will also be included to count for the VP. The VP here will be used to vote on the following items: LAND Acquisitions & Upgrade, Protocol Upgrades, Meta-City additions and etc.