DAO Pool (Fees & Sales)

The DAO Pool is the incentive pool which collects a portion of all fees and sales and the goal is to re-distribute these to incentivise the appropriate user engagement behaviour within the ecosystem.
The DAO Pool is introduced by the Dvision Team in order to support the incentive mechanism for the DVI token holders. The DAO Pool will be governed by DVI holders, and its size will be decided eventually by the amount of the fees collected across different platform pillars. We are planning to allocate 100% of the collected sales fees for Dvision Metaverse content and the initial NFT sales directly into DAO Pool. DAO Pool will be operated for the first time in 2022 and will be managed directly by the DVI token holders. After the network is sufficiently decentralized, it may be managed by DVI governance for various ecosystem enhancement or development projects.
The revenue sources that will be generated and allocated into the DAO Pool include:
  • NFT Sale transaction fee.
  • LAND Sales fee.
  • PET Reinforcement fee.
  • Advertising fee.
The Dvision Network can be experienced by players as new content is introduced into the metaverse ecosystem over time. Provided the fact, that DAO Pool will source diverse fees into its treasury, the DVI holders will be able to claim their rewards depending on their respective contributions. In order to kickstart the initial growth of the DAO Pool and user base, Dvision Network will allocate up to 25% of the DVI tokens to provide the initial rewards in DVI tokens.
Token Amount
% of total supply
Unlock schedule
Gradual unlock over 4.5 years
The DAO Pool will source up to 25% from the Ecosystem and Development Allocation Tokens. The vesting rule will apply directly to the DAO Pool after its official launch, with the vesting will be conducted on a quarterly basis. The tokens allocated in the DAO Pool may be governed by the DAO. Once DAO is activated, token holders can submit proposals (payment of small DVI fees) on how to spend the token, on activities (with supporting reasons), and tokens will be distributed accordingly if the proposal is passed by DVI Staker's voting.
Details of the proposal submission, voting process, and funds to be distributed will be announced as DAO launch is initiated. The Dvision Network will initially establish and release the DAO Pool, but token holders can ultimately propose and vote on almost anything about how the system works, including how to submit proposals, how to vote, and how to allocate funds for projects.
The following are some examples of how DAO may allocated the DAO Pool funds towards a variety of ecosystem projects.
Liquidity- Token holders may vote to use some underlying tokens to provide liquidity for tokens paired with other popular tokens in secondary decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap so as to enhance access to the tokens for market adoption.
Payment for services - Token holders can vote to use some underlying tokens to pay for certain services (e.g., exchange listings, marketing, partnership and promotional services) that are expected to add value to the ecosystem.
External Development Funding - Token holders can vote to fund third-party development of tools and/or services expected to add value to the Dvision ecosystem (e.g., bridge/integration with third-party markets, automation tools, and other blockchain platforms).
Rewards - Token holders can vote to use some underlying tokens to provide incentives for certain new behaviours which it would want to encourage, e.g. participating in governance, playing games, new initiatives.
Content Creation - Token holders can vote to participate in the content creation process by using the funds in the DAO Pool in order to bring certain fundamentally important enhancements to the Dvision Metaverse.