DVG acquisition [P2E]
Play to Earn: DVG acquisition different methods are presented!
Users can engage in different activities inside of the Dvision Metaverse in order to earn DVG reward currency simply by contributing to the ecosystem, by playing the game. Dvision Gold (DVG) maintains the DVI token economy sustainability over the long period.
How do users can receive DVG reward currency?
  • Monster drops through PvE
Not only the LAND Purification process presents the opportunity to earn the DVI Tokens through the LAND auction proceeds according to the users' contribution, but it also allows users to battle with the monsters in order to earn the DVG reward currency.
  • Acquisition through PvP
The PVP mode between the users will be enabled only in Tournament Stadiums (It can be modified according to the regions in the future through DAO). Tournament Stadiums: The PvP tournament will be held at the survival stadiums, and the prize DVG reward currency will be applied differently for each tournament.
-The participation rank standard will be based on the average of the attributes and stats of PET and character standards.
-Some of the DVG consumed through PVP will be allocated to the tournament league.
There is also a 1:1 stadium located in the stadium to enable individual battles among users. The battle participant receives the mutual DVG prize money, while the winner gets the prize money.
  • Acquired through quests.
a) Kill the monsters in the virus-affected area.
b) Perform system and content tutorials in Dvision World.
c) Daily quests, career quests, beginners' access quests, etc.
d) Other event quests.
  • Through the in-game events.
a) Special Holiday events
b) Dvision or Partners' Anniversary events
c) Other events to be presented depending on the thematics
  • Acquired through ownership of LAND.
Random Box: the random box that contains character wearable, PET equipment, attribute boost stones, ride, PET repair kit (physical medicine), PET D potion (magic potion), DVG, etc.
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