What is Dvision Network?

Welcome to the blockchain-based NFT metaverse owned by players!
Dvision Network - a blockchain-based metaverse, which powers the robust and diversified NFT marketplace within its augmented reality. Dvision is based on three primary platform features, which are known as NFT Market, Meta-Space, and Meta-City.
1) Meta-City (Collection of Meta-Spaces) - it’s a public Dvision World, where users can enjoy the metaverse with other users and engage in different events and activities.
2) Meta-Space (Tailored Virtual Estate) - a place where users can acquire and customize their personal LAND in order to establish and offer their own content within their virtual estate. The LAND is the digital piece of a virtual estate in Dvision Metaverse registered as NFT (ERC-721 / BEP-721).
3) NFT Market (Marketplace) - a place where users can create and trade unique items, protected by the NFT standards, such as BEP-721 / ERC-721 or BEP-1155 / ERC-1155
Dvision Network is a multichain metaverse platform, that is built on top of the Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain and is powered by the DVI utility and governance token across its all platform pillars. Dvision is segregated into 3 major platform pillars, which are NFT Marketplace, Meta-Space, and Meta-City:
Here, the users can utilize LANDs (Meta-Space) in the metaverse in order to build their preferred content that will be integrated as an essential part of the Meta-City. Here, the user-created content has no limitations and can be presented in the form of gaming, academic, commercial, or even entertainment pieces of in-game content.
Moreover, Dvision presents the multichain-supported NFT Marketplace that allows the purchase & sale of all the NFTs that are presented in the Dvision Metaverse, including but not limited to LAND, AVATAR, PET, ITEM, and other necessary in-game unique NFT assets.
To access the Dvision Metaverse, users need to create their own personalized AVATARs (unique identification NFT characters) and access the main lobby called "Dvision World". The Dvision World is the main lobby in the metaverse, that connects all Meta-Cities in existence. It is used as a portal and the public open-world that allows users to navigate themselves to the city, where they want to spend their time, access & acquire the LAND.
Dvision integrates a new sustainable "Play 2 Earn" model in its metaverse in order to provide the users a rewarding experience in the ultimate blockchain-based augmented reality. The upcoming "Play 2 Earn" will be an essential part of each Meta-City since it will allow users to engage in the combat mode to contribute to the LAND Purification process. Once the occupied by monsters LAND is purified, it will automatically be placed on the auctions, whereby the proceeds from the sale will be allocated among the contributors based on their contribution ratio.
To decentralize the future of the project, the DAO system will be initiated by the Dvision Team to provide the DVI Holders with the capability to decide the future trajectory of the Dvision Metaverse. The users that participate in the DAO governance or other ecosystem activities will be incentivised with the fees collected in the DAO Pool in proportion to their efforts.

Our History

Dvision has been initiated in late 2019 right before the COVID-19 has overtaken the entire world and the MICE industries were highly affected by the social distancing policies across different nations, which has forced the WFH culture as new normality. Dvision Network has emerged as a result of the convergence of the founding's team uprising appreciation towards the blockchain technology and its previous experience in building metaverses. Furthermore, the commitment of the core founding team to the VR and Metaverse industries became the essential drivers of Dvision’s establishment, along with several other reasons, such as willingness to address the perpetual issues in the gaming industry, presenting a robust and plausible in-game economy and providing the end-user with the most plausible in-game UI experience, which brought the likeminded people together.

Our Vision

Dvision's ultimate vision is to become the No.1 blockchain-based metaverse company both in the crypto and traditional AR / VR domains. Hence we build our KPIs and performance metrics across that vision. We believe and build a vision across the decentralized future, specifically in the metaverse industry. The origination of the Dvision concept is attributed to our belief in the decentralized gaming economy. We believe that all the games should be linked to the blockchain for a prosperous economy, for the protection of copyright ownership, and for the validation of the sustainable and robust “Play to Earn” concept. The blockchain grants the ownership back to its original creator, thereby allowing the owners to monetize their possessions in a more smooth manner, so does Dvision Network. We present a robust NFT Marketplace for the users to capitalize on their creations and in-game assets, such as LANDs, ITEMs, and Characters.

Interesting Facts

  • Dvision is one of the veteran members of the top #10 blockchain metaverses according to the Coinmarketcap.
  • Dvision is the early adopter of the metaverse-based MICE events and has so far conducted the largest conferences such as Binance Smart Chain 1st Anniversary, ROK National Assembly Debates, Luniverse Partners Day, and many other in-game conferences and meetings.
  • Dvision is one of the few multichain metaverse projects, that runs its Dapp over 5 different blockchain networks.
  • Dvision allows a smooth transition into the metaverse for the offline businesses, provides a cutting-edge and candid UI with high product quality, enables enhanced in-game communication features by delivering a portfolio of highly diversified pieces of content
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